The Psychology of Time

Philip Zimbardo: The Psychology of Time Ted Talk
My Ted Talk topic was about the psychology of time and how it affects our daily live and what kind of people we are. Being a relatively short Ted Talk it was surprising how clear and concise the information was presented and how easy to understand the topic was. Basically what Philip was trying to convey is that people fall under 6 different categories on how they perceive time. Two being in the past where either you are focused on the positive experiences you have had or the negative. Two being in the present where one is hedonistic in nature focusing on yourself and the pleasures you get out of life in the moment and the other being a fatalistic approach to life. And finally the last two were focused on the future either striving for bigger and better things constantly or living life with a belief that life truly begins after you die.
It was a lot to take…

Switching from iOS to Android

Switching from iOS to Android
This blog will be about how it is to switch from an iOS device (iPhone) to an Android (ex. Samsung S7 Edge). Being an android phone user my whole life I actually have very little practice and hands on time with iOS at all. That being said when I attended UW Milwaukee for film we exclusively used Apple products and I myself had a PowerBook Laptop to do all of my video editing on. At the time I actually didn’t mind using Apple’s operating system and Final Cut Pro. I did mind however the cost of said laptop and the specs that came along with it. Ever since I graduated from UWM I have switched back to PCs for all of my editing and have never looked back.
How this pertains to the topic at hand is this. I feel Apple has always been this sort of exclusive high end/low quality(specs) institution that plays upon the average user’s inability to discern what is actually inside of a device versus how the device looks.…

Square Enix and Bioware

Square Enix and Bioware
I choose Square Enix and Bioware for my two companies to analyze their presence on social media, facebook and twitter in particular, as they are two of my favorite video game designers and publishers. I am well versed in their work dating all the way back to the early days of Final Fantasy when Square Enix was known as SquareSoft and early Bioware titles such as Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic.
Advent of Social Media
Seeing both companies evolve over the years has been fascinating. Back in the early days of video games I relied solely on Game Informer and Xbox Magazine for my video game news. There was no social media presence for either company to share announcements and the internet was so slow at my house growing up that using online resources was a chore. Now things have changed. With Twitter you literally have up to the minute coverage of news and announcements. Events like E3 are so much more exciting than ever because of constant pos…

Why I am at MATC.

I choose to go to MATC for IT Networking because it was time for a change in my life. I have been doing photography and video for the past decade and although I love it, it is physically and emotionally draining and exhausting. It was time to start a new career and in my research I found that MATC had a very reparable program.

I have always loved computers and electronics in general and like my past career in photography and video I didn't want a desk job so the networking path seemed most appropriate for me. I want to work with my hands and build things so working with servers and intermediary devices seemed to fit.

I have no previous professional work experience in the IT field but like I said I have always loved computers and have been building them and playing with them for the past 15 years. My cousin and I built our first computers when we were in middle school. Back than it had a whopping Pentium 4 processor!!!

Like I stated earlier my career goals are to work with my hands…