Switching from iOS to Android

Switching from iOS to Android


    This blog will be about how it is to switch from an iOS device (iPhone) to an Android (ex. Samsung S7 Edge). Being an android phone user my whole life I actually have very little practice and hands on time with iOS at all. That being said when I attended UW Milwaukee for film we exclusively used Apple products and I myself had a PowerBook Laptop to do all of my video editing on. At the time I actually didn’t mind using Apple’s operating system and Final Cut Pro. I did mind however the cost of said laptop and the specs that came along with it. Ever since I graduated from UWM I have switched back to PCs for all of my editing and have never looked back.

    How this pertains to the topic at hand is this. I feel Apple has always been this sort of exclusive high end/low quality(specs) institution that plays upon the average user’s inability to discern what is actually inside of a device versus how the device looks. Appearance vs. Substance. Just from watching this podcast it is clear how absolute the Android users are when having to deal with an iPhone for a month. Ron in the video says that he helped a friend try to transition from a new iPhone to a new iPhone and said the process was so painful that he had to set the phone down a few times and walk away. I am assuming as these people have their own podcast on mobile technology that they aren’t inept in handling said devices so the process must really be that painful.

    Whenever I get a new Android (once a year around April when the new Samsung S line is released, so yes I can’t wait to get my new S8!) It literally takes me about an hour of automatic configurations and transferring photos and the like over to the new phone. It is just so seamless, granted it always wasn’t that way but the speed at which they have mastered that is very impressive. You would think Apple would be able to follow suit.

    I guess in closing I really have no hard feelings for Apple especially as their products got me my film degree. I just wish they were a little more transparent in their philosophy of technology and not so focused on the “hipster” brand. I wouldn’t say they are a dying business/company but I feel that the Apple craze is dwindling as of late. All I know is that I will continue to use Android and feel happy in knowing I made the right choice! :)


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